January First

Happy New Year!

The older sister is actually visiting the younger sister this week, so we’re having fun trying to figure out this blog together!

{quick conversation between the sisters about 30 minutes ago} 

Marie: “Do you know what today is?”

Sarah: “Of course I do, it’s January 1st”

Marie: “Exactly” 

Sarah: “Whoooooops”

You would think being together means twice the brain power, nope.

Anyways, this blog is mainly for us, but if you are following you can read about the beginning here and you should definitely take a few minutes to read our bio {that Marie wrote} here.

“Starting two thousand and twelve with a sick baby that somehow managed to sleep in bed with me all night long. It’s gonna be a great year!”

“Marie’s husband gave her a fisheye lens for Christmas and so far I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit!”

2 thoughts on “January First

  1. I just looked through your year so far…wow. I am excited for the time ahead of you, where God has brought you thus far, and how He will continue to use you…He is faithful! And your sister-love blesses me much…sisters are a precious thing. Praise God for family…by natural birth, AND by new birth! I am glad you guys get to start this adventure together, and pray God uses it to keep you close and to encourage you! I hope to keep up with looking at what you post! God bless you ladies!
    -Aimee Beth

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